The Lauttasaari English Playschool was established in 1972. The person behind the original idea was Marja Kirstein (M.A.), then known as Marja Vuorenheimo. Her philosophy was that children should be taught English early on, because acquiring a language is easier when children are still young. Lauttasaari English Playschool was one of the first immersion playschools. At the time, the playschool only operated for half a day and teaching was based on Diana Webster's "Play and Say" materials. The playschool first used premises in the VPK building on Tallbergin Puistotie, but later moved to Apaja, which was shared with other users. The English Playschool became a fulltime daycare center in 1998, when it was also able to move to its own premises on Gyldentintie.

The Lauttasaari English Playschool has been in operation for 40 years because of its knowledgeable and committed staff. In 2010, the English Playschool wished Scottish-born Irene Crawford happy retirement years. Irene worked at the playschool for 34 years before retiring. Another important person in the history of the playschool is Sirkka-Liisa Larkas, who worked at the playschool for over 20 years. The current playschool head Riitta Matinmikko-Parviainen started in her position in 2008.