Teaching Methods


Playing is a natural way for a child to learn. By playing together, children practice social skills, problem solving and cooperation. Role-playing and play related to the home are enjoyable and important because through these the child can process his or her own experiences. By playing and taking part in games, the child learns to follow rules and experiences what it is like to win and lose. Through these experiences, the child learns to handle emotions related to different kinds of situations. Playing outside develops and improves motor skills.


Each academic term, the playschool chooses a common theme based on the experiences and interest of the children. Activities, songs and field trips are planned according to the monthly theme. Field trips let children experience and see the theme in real life. The themes are examined in groups. The learning environment also aims at providing children with tools to keep learning about a theme individually. The theme for the 2017-2018 academic year is "My body".

Past themes:

2019-2020 Elements
2018-2019 My Environment
2017-2018 My Body
2016-2017 Space
2015-2016 All around the world

Prior themes have also included: Oceans, Home, Jungle and Forest Animals.

Small Group Work

When we divide the children into groups, we often use mixed groups where we include beginners and those children who have been at the playschool for a year already. The purpose of small group work is to learn to work together as well as help others while learning. The children can guide each other and set examples for others.

"At the English Playschool, we learn English in a natural and fun way."