The Lauttasaari English Playschool is a private daycare center maintained by the Parent Association. The playschool offers preschool instruction according to the national curriculum and has been approved by the municipality and daycare authority. 

The Lauttasaari English Playschool offers quality daycare and education to children of 4 to 6 years old, in a safe and stimulating environment. Each child's individual development and growth is supported in an open atmosphere in cooperation with the child's family. The playschool aims to teach the basics of English while supporting language learning and use in everyday situations. Through learning a foreign language, the child has the opportunity to become familiar with other cultures and nationalities.  - We learn language in a natural and fun way

When children become familiar with a foreign language, the role of self-expression and making oneself understood in that language become more important. Children at the playschool are encouraged to use English by using stories, poems and songs. The playschool respects children's ways of learning by letting them do and try on their own. The goal is to let the children experience in positive ways how they can be thinkers, actors, learners and group members. The children are also encouraged to respect each other and to make friends.  - We experience the joy of learning by gathering information together and trying it out ourselves.

"We encourage you to try to speak English even if you aren't completely proficient yet."